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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Confess Your ABCs Survey

I'll confess my ABC's (caution- this is the first survey I've done in 16 months, I may be a bit rusty)

A- Age:
I was 3 the first time I saw the Rolling Stones on the Ed Sullivan show. My dad wasn't thrilled that I was instantly glued to the set and wouldn't respond or move. I've never forgotten that experience.

B- Biggest Fear:
Aside from spiders, which I bring up constantly, I have no greater fear than evil Mickey, but more in a sad 'you fools' kind of way than actual terror.

C- Current Time:
It's always now.

D- Drink you last had:
The messy mess of my past is soon to become a messy mess in my future. I hope it's worth something.

E- Easiest Person To Talk to:
You're all in my head with me.

F- Favorite Song:
Knock yourself out.

G- Grossest Memory:
I've been known to make people sick, so maybe not here. Perhaps something cheerful. Click to lose yourself in oreo heaven.

H- Hometown:
Recovering from a recently occurring biblical event. Click pic for bigger.

I just noticed I is missing. Someone doesn't know their ABCs.

J- Jealous Of:
Super jealous that @bonenado can eat or do anything he wants and cure any consequences with a single pain pill. He is my Iron Man.

K- Killed Someone?
Maybe. Ok, yes, yes I did.

L- Longest Relationship:
Everybody knows my weakness. (note- I had this coded in place before I heard Dylan mention Lexx, in case anyone is thinking that's the only reason this vid is here. No, this vid is here because I may or may not be a robot.)

M- Middle Name:
Yablo, but not to be confused with this Yablo or Yablo's Paradox, although much respect for that. My nick came from this guy, and I once built a website called Yablo's House.

N- Number of Siblings:
They worry about me.

O- One Wish:
I hope revenge is sweet.

P- Person who you last called:
I don't call people. The person who last called me was a >spammer< from Hobbes, New Mexico. I guess someone figured out how to break through the National Do Not Call Registry.

Q- Question you're always asked:
What kind of sex do I like. I have never once answered this question truthfully. Faithful lurkers can now furrow their eyebrows.

R- Reason to smile:
Why so serious, right? Fear the smile.

S- Song you last sang:
You guys really don't want to know where I go.

T- Time you woke up:
2007. I have long since lost the original artist on deviantart for credit, perhaps it went private or was deleted. I'm the one who colorized it blue.

Here you go, pony style.

U- Unique Talent:
Remembering things and then tangling up convos with people who don't remember things and getting them all riled up because I assumed their brains were working. Most of you haven't ever seen this happen. Those who have- well, let's just let disgust keep us in our respective corners.

V- Vacation Destination:
Sorry for the quality, youtube is very aggressive about stopping this one, and many thanks to the brave fan who's managed to keep it up this long. My best vacas ever have been being left behind for a week. You guys have no idea.

W- Worst Habit:
Reacting to people trying to have discussions with me.

X- Xrays you've had:
This is my fave mug ever. You can buy one, too, by clicking on the pic.

Y- Your favorite food:
Every time I name a fave food in a survey I wind up having an allergic reaction to it. At this point I'm terrified to mention that I eat at all. Let's have a quick moment of silence for all my fave foods I can no longer eat without risking anaphylaxis.

Lemon pie

Peanut butter cookies (also includes the Kisses, which aren't manufactured in a dedicated peanut and nut free facility)



There's more but I'm going to let it go. These are the biggies. I miss them a lot.

Z- Zodiac Sign:
I've been told by a number of people through the years that I am the most super Scorpio they've ever encountered, and some claim I'm inherently all the evil in the zodiac. This quote seems apt.