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Thursday, November 30, 2017

'Can you' survey

Can you do this without lying?

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
COFFEH. Everyone has a coffee t-shirt. I need to design my own coffee t-shirt. I wonder if my New Year's resolutions should include getting my zazzle account back out and brushing the dust off. Oh, wait, I have 2 coffee mugs in the shop. Totally forgot about these.


That second one has #TeamJanika on the back in red, not to be confused with Janika Tenn, this other Janika, Janika Galindez, or the Spain Janika on a real team going for the world cup, or the Janika in Mexican Wrestling. Looks like Janikas are taking over the world! (I found all those from the twitter hashtag feed.) I need to buy one, lol. It's 30% off today. Wonder if it'll be like that till Christmas. Now I'm wondering how long ago I even made a zazzle shop. I remember I was still really brain glitchy and it all seemed really hard, but now it might be a lot easier. Hm. I can tell my eyes have changed, had to turn the brightness down on the default color I set up on the font.

2. Where was your profile picture taken?
I found that Plankton via SpongeBob search and ran it through my Print Shop years ago. That was my first attempt at dividing a blog into content feeds before tags became available. I manually created 6 separate buttons to click to take readers to 6 different categories I grouped together with code and had all the buttons in my header like a menu. Got it all set up and boom, blog formats changed, lost my header freedom, I was so pissed. A year later tags were everywhere.

I did all that manual coding during one of my worst sick years EVER, and that kept me focused through the most godawful monumental unending pain.

By the way, people from the older Lexx fandom might remember my original fan site blog had homemade buttons all over it. I loved making those. I was so sad watching the blogging world dumb down into much more rigid preset formatting. Felt like my hands were literally being tied.

3. Did you play Pokémon Go!?
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4. Name someone that made you laugh today.T
I just got up and haven't laughed yet today. By the way, I started this several days ago. Nothing I say in surveys is timestamped.

5. How late did you stay up last night?
No one ever asks me who the last person I super stalked was. I had a good week. I know many things.

6. If you could move somewhere else where would it be?
I'm constantly checking distances from one city to another and looking up retail values in areas, not because I want to be anywhere else, but because I see such interesting things in my stat trackers. This blog doesn't have an extra stat tracker and I can't do that here, and it drives me crazy because the hits are so surprisingly steady, but I won't let myself install the extra code. I come here to RELAX, dangit. 😂

7. Have you ever been kissed under the fireworks?
We've had a few moments of intense scattering when fireworks fell over and started shooting into the crowd, I'm sure I've bumped awkwardly into a few people.

8. Do you believe ex's can be friends?
I know several people who are friends with exes. I am not. One of my exes wants me dead because he's mental (not joking, someone who knew him said he said that, and considering the stolen guns he had and the fact that he pointed a loaded rifle at me one day and held me on target and a story he told me about shooting a guy during deer season one year, I certainly believe that), another probably still wants me to shut up. I refuse to comply with either one. The fandom deserves to know why I never crushed on a certain character being a flashback trigger to one of the saddest soul crushing events of my life. Not a clue how the one who wanted to marry me is doing, but I didn't think basing a relationship around getting high and being acoustic guitar oded in Kermit the Frog voice was a good omen for a long term relationship, even though he was very talented and uber chill and the best *stop right there, don't go there*. Wow, got chills. Anyway, there are more noteworthies, but I'm not going to step over that confession line until the book.

9. How do you feel about Dr. Pepper?
It reminds me of my mom because she loved Dr. Pepper, and she's dead now from diabetes strokes ravaging her. I haven't had soda pop in any form myself for years.
How Soda Impacts Diabetes
That article is about whether soda may impact the development of diabetes, which at the root is a genetic problem, BUT if you plug in those same impacts into a person who is already diabetic, you can imagine the damage throughout the body. Note of interest, for those who don't quite get it yet, is that ANY sweet drink, including 100% fruit juice, is bad for diabetes, so I'm not just picking on soda here. Some people lose legs or vision, some people lose their brains being ravaged by strokes. I personally have to shun Dr. Pepper from my mind and not think about it. The 'be a Pepper' song earworm is mind twisting in bad days.

10. When was the last time you cried?
This question seems to be replacing the old 'last time you showered' question that showed up on every single survey I did for years, haven't seen that one in awhile. I think an even more honest question would be to ask people when was the last time they made someone else cry. I would love to see a self assessment dare to go into the heart of darkness.

11. Who was the last person you took a picture or video of?
The screenshots were part of my stalking, so I can't tell you.

12. Was yesterday better than today?
Hard to tell yet, still on that first cup of coffee. It's certainly better than the entire whole year so far. I'm on the other side of surgery after months of pain, and our routine around here has settled nicely after stress after stress after stress every single month. lolz, a squirrel just tried hijacking some Christmas lights off the deck as I was writing that. 😂
Squirrels stealing Christmas lights- articles & pix
Someone else caught a squirrel stealing lights last year.

Ok, got lost in Christmas squirrel stuff on pinterest. Coming out twirly-eyed.

13. Can you live a day without t.v.?
Yes. If you'd have said youtube I'd have said no.

14. Are you upset about anything?
I'm currently in brain fuzz trying to wake up. I need to get a little list going and plan out my day. I'll be zipping around 50-60 miles between towns in a big metro area, need to get a lot of things done.

15. Are relationships worth it?
Some relationships are gold. Sometimes you find that gold inside yourself, even in bad relationships. We always keep learning.

16. What job or career would you pick?
I am a thinker that writes a lot. My job is to blow sparkly brain dust through glowing monitors.

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17. Are you a bad influence?
In very good ways, yes. I pull people out of their boxes. Some find that a bit scary. Some don't understand and morph into inappropriate appropriators. Others go viral and spread the love, so I guess I'm doing something right.

18. Two friends that might do this?
Lol, NOT going to name them here. Wait, you mean do the survey? Probably no one. Or if they do it'll be behind my back, like I did. I swiped this from a friend a few months or so ago.

19. Would you rather fish or hunt?
The super stalking started after I discovered someone took my bait, so both.

20. Do you consider yourself a city or country person?
I can and have easily done both. I've been super rural and super metro. I have no actual preference as long as I have a working car, good wifi, great tech, and no bugs. My home is currently being swarmed with fake ladybugs, and it's not cute at all. About ready for the weather to change and make it stahp.