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Thursday, September 15, 2016

desperately seeking surveys survey

From a private blog, originally posted on 10-30-07.

1. Have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?
About 3 or 4 years ago, I think, I thought it would be tasteful to get a dainty gold hoop to put around the middle of my lower lip, but I never did it.

2. Does a kiss make your boo boos feel better?
Being a germ phobe, if your mouth comes anywhere near my wound, you're going to get a boo boo yourself.

3. Have you ever passed out on the bathroom floor?

In spite of being inebriated enough to have alcohol poisoning in my youthful past, I've never lost consciousness.  Of course, you're talking to the person who woke up in the middle of heart surgery to talk to the doctor, which freaked him out pretty badly.

4. Do you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in?

I'm no fool.

5. What did you do today?

Technically, we're speaking of yesterday, since I'm up at 2 a.m. from a Lyrica buzz.  I went to the chiropractor and told him of my descent into the depths of hell, whereupon he ~gently~ cracked my bones and cured me, had a most excellent workout, hit Walmart and stocked up on goodies for salsa and 7 layer dip (I'm craving avacados), came home and watched Mystery Men (again, geez, aspie rut), conked for a couple of hours, got up and made meatloaf and mashed potatoes, watched Chuck and South Park while we toggled to the Packer game, and talked to my sploit on the phone.  What did YOU do?

6. Have you ever brushed your teeth while in the shower?
Intriguing question.  I believe I have, because a latent memory popped up, but it must have been long ago enough to not be able to tag why.

7. Have you had more than 3 boyfriends/girlfriends at the same time?
Willy Wonka and Eddie Izzard fight over me, the rest don't get my time of day.  Jack Sparrow is a little ticked about that, but he doesn't brush his teeth, even in the shower, so he grosses me out.

8. Have you ever thought about your death?

I was born thinking about my death.

10. Do you like someone?
I like Scott a ~lot~ and he can hardly peel me off.  He lately complained to his mother and sister that all I want any more is sex, and they both laughed and said yep, that's the right age...

12. What color is your shower curtain?
My shower *doors* are blurry-clear, which is cool when I walk in on Scott taking a shower.

13. Have you ever had stitches?
I *should* have gotten a couple of stitches when that manikin hand struck my face, but my boss was a jerk and patched it up like I was a football player and sent me back out on the floor.  Everyone said I looked pretty impressive.

14. How long ago did you hug someone?
Scott peeled me off before we went to bed, so it's been about 5 hours now.

15. Did you believe that boys/girls had cooties?
~ALL~ people have cooties, that's why I don't let just anyone kiss my boo boos.

16. Do you know how to use chop sticks?
Interesting things happen when I use chop sticks.  Food and sticks alike take on a life of their own.

17. Lyrics stuck in your head?
"Me, I'm horny don't you know, my love I want you so...  Sugar, you make my soul complete, rapture tastes so sweet".  Poor Scott.  I'm in an iiO universe lately.

19. What are you doing tomorrow?
My list consists of calling my heart dr. to move an appt, making apple crisp before the apples rot, cleaning out my fridge, doing dishes and laundry, and probably working out on the bike and taking another nap.  I'm also thinking I'd like to get some more hot chocolate mix made and maybe start on some peppernut dough.  I'd like to have several gallons of those made by holidays.  I have a much longer list on stand by, but I feel no urgency to prove anything to the world at large.  And who knows, maybe I'll get a notice from the library that my book loan is in, in which case I'll be driving in to town to pick that up.

20. Who was the last person you couldn't take your eyes off of?
Wo, the answer to this before me was a bit shocking.  Talk about honesty with attraction to children.  Ick.  Kind of pales MY answer, which would be Eddie Izzard.

21. Have you ever given money to a homeless person?
I've been a homeless person.  Thankfully it didn't last real long.

22. Have you ever run over an animal?
Ok, here comes another list...  Sorry, don't want to gross anyone out, but when you live in raw hills and forests, you tend to take out the local wildlife.  I've hit two deer, a couple of bobcats mating (highways are so convenient for mating), a wild turkey that spread out across my windshield and nearly made me careen off a twisted road on a hillside, actually sliced a small dog in half and exploded a cat (I will NEVER understand pets running right out in front of traffic like idiots), several dozen birds, snakes, and a turtle.  I once sluiced through an already dead skunk by accident.  Never do that.  Ever.  You drive with your head out the window for miles.  I think I've hit a raccoon, too, but the armadillos and possums were all smart enough to evade me.  Funny, the 'oldest' species are the best at survival in the modern world.

23. What is your favorite cereal?
Cheerios.  No matter how bad I feel, I can eat Cheerios.

24. Have you ever had an Oreo with peanut butter?
I'm not an Oreo person.

25. What are you doing right at this moment?
Letting Scott sleep undisturbed.

26. Do you think its right for straight guys to get their tongue pierced?
I think ANYONE getting their tongue pierced is asking for rot and infection.  I once saw this girl's tongue, it was so infected it was BROWN.

27. Where’s your favorite place to be?
Deep in my head.  Never a dull moment in there.

28. What's your favorite song?
I'm on strike.  No more favorite song questions in surveys.

29. Are you more of a coffee or alcohol drinker?
Hot chocolate.  We're a cultish breed.

30. Have you ever thrown shoes on a telephone wire?
People are idiots.  I was once in a car with some kids who decided they were hungry and took a loaf of bread, a jar of miracle whip, a knife, and some bologna from one kid's house.  After the sandwiches were made and stuff was done passing around the car, one guy rolled his window down and chunked the rest out.  I'm thinking ok, ~here's~ a guy who will never survive a future calamity because he has no forethought.  What if someone wanted a second sandwich?  Duh.  Likewise, it's pretty standard around here to see lone shoes on the highway in the spring.

31. Have you ever been skinny dipping?
Have you seen what hangs out in untreated water?
32. Have you ever climbed up a water tower?
I let the maintenance guys take care of that, saves me a lot of time and energy.

33. Do you dream in black and white?
Occasionally.  I've also dreamed in cartoon and video game.

34. Do you talk in your sleep?
Unsuccessfully.  Unless I'm speaking French and Scott just can't understand me.

35. Do you snore?
Everyone snores, most people just don't wake themselves up doing it, so they never know.  What's interesting is when you hear someone stop breathing because their tongue is in the way and it takes forever for them to breathe again.

36. Have you ever thought about being a model?
There's way more to life than walking a runway and freeze framing.  I want to create the parts that models fight over when they turn to acting.

37. Are you a redneck?
I can't quite get the hang of it.

38. Funniest thing you heard all day?
People freaking out over Cartman's Halloween costumes.

39. Have you ever gotten a mosquito bite on your face?
Must we dredge up old memories?  I bury things for a reason, you know.

40. What are you afraid of?
I think the freakiest dream I've had lately was having a pet spider, and even though I was repulsed, I let it sit on me and talked to it and coaxed it to do things.  In real life they DIE.

41. What does the 10th text message in your outbox say?
I'm not going to wake Scott up unplugging my phone just to find that out.

42. What does the 10th message in your inbox say?

43. Do you like someone?
Gee, that was # 10.  What gives?

44. Do they know you like them?
He complains about it, yes.

46. Can you recite the alphabet backwards?
Ok, *must* *kill* survey maker...  Really reaching to make 50 here.

47. Whats your middle name?
Gar-Halloween-field.  Ha, remember that one, sploit?  Wonder what happened to that old cartoon.

48. What's your profile song and why?
Paint it Black.  It was an impulse.

49. Need to get something off your chest?
I have a deep lack of caring about many things in life, such as politics and kittens.  No offense to anyone, but I grew up soaked in both.  Now I'm on vacation.

50. How do you feel about your life right now?
It's 3 a.m. and I need SLEEP.

another Halloween survey

Just ran into a never before publicly published Halloween survey from Oct. 22, 2007.

 Halloween Survey 

Ghosts or Goblins?:  Vaporous apparitions, all the way.

Zombies or Vampires?  The dark glasses and coolness really do it for me.  Tux is optional.

Witches or Hags?:  Gothy slutty witches.

Werewolves or Frankenstein?:  I must choose between 3 Franks-- Casanova Frankenstein, Dr. Frankenfurter, and Gene Wilder's Frankenstein (don't forget to pronounce that correctly!)  I think I'm going with Cas this year.

Black Cats or bats?:  Both.  I once saw a cat catch and eat a bat.

Trick or Treat?:  Depends on who or what knocks on my door... heh heh.

Candy Corn or Candy Apples?:  Apples candied in red hots and butter, smells wonderful.

Pumpkins or Squash?  Pumpkins, but I'm not adverse to spaghetti squash if anyone wants a duel.

Orange or Purple lights?  Orange is fine, all purple is super funky.  I'm not crazy about them mixed.

Toads or Spiders?:  ~ew~

Lanterns or Lit Pumpkins?:  Both!!!!  And luminaries, and spooky glow lights.

Skeletons or Mummies?:  I like them naked.


What were you last year for Halloween?:  Absorbed in a live Ghost Hunters episode.  Sorry, world at large, I wasn't in costume of any kind.

What are you going to be this year?:  I'm thinking about being Eddie Izzard.  My hair cut is amazingly close to his this year, what a fluke.  First time I've ever had hair this short.  Now, the question is-- executive transvestite (can a woman pull that off???) or mascara facial hair (very 3D) like Doug Rich might have shaved a couple of days ago?

Favorite costume you have ever worn?:  My brother's Planet of the Apes mask, on which my glasses fit perfectly, so I looked like the scientist ape.  Unfortunately, I had to give it back to him to trick or treat in.

How do you spend your Halloween?:  In the days of yore, I drove the getaway car while we got pillowcase loads of stash.  Later on I wound up working or watching the door while Scott did the chauffeur duties, and this year I will glue myself to the tv watching Ghost Hunters again.

Are you or are you not going trick or treating this year?:  Might be funny to go next door in my beard...

Did or do you pull Halloween pranks?:  Oh, yeah, one year was so awesome.  We had this huge bowl of candy that we mixed in old broken crayons and stupid McDonald's and Sonic toys and cheap mardi gras beads and misc. Barbie shoes and accessories and all kinds of stuff in, you know, little rubber snakes and plastic bugs, just junk from when the girls were little, and I heard we were the coolest house on the street that year.  Another year I handed out bitter baking chocolate, I'm so mean.  Last year we ran out of candy so I handed out hot chocolate packets.  I've been known to toss some pretty bizarre things into the sacks.  Really old Easter and Christmas candy...

Do you believe in ghosts?  I kind of wonder sometimes if they ask each other, "Do you believe in humans?"  It's strange that we assume 'ghost' automatically stands for 'deceased human'.  We just lump everything weird into 'ghost'.  But nearly every house I've lived in has been strangely beset by unusual and sometimes quite surprising things, and one I visited that scared me half to death turned out to have been a murder site, so yeah, I think there's cool weird stuff going on.

Are you superstitious?  Always go to the bathroom before you set out on an adventure.  It's bad luck to get nervously gassy or soil yourself.  You wind up alone in the back of an old pickup freezing half to death.  I've learned this from experienced wise people who pass stories down through the ages.

Do you like caramel popcorn?:  The very best caramel popcorn I ever ate in my life was homemade, but I've never tried caramelizing it myself.

Have you ever gone in the country to look for pumpkins?  You'd be surprised what comes up in your own back yard after a good pumpkin smashing.

Have you ever been on a hayride?  You ask this of a person who used to be involved in hauling hay...  I'd call that a big yes.  But you mean a Halloween hayride, right?  Always good to know a farmer with a tractor and a flatbed.  Around here the really famous hayrides are done by old drunk Amish guys who try to scare the kids by making the horses go up and down these crazy inclines at weird angles on dark and blustery creepy hillsides.  Here they are going 2 mph and it scares the snot out of the kids.  I'm sure the horses wish they'd roll off.

Do you decorate your home for Halloween?:  I used to try.  I fail miserably at Halloween decor.  When we were kids, my parents had this big black iron pot like you cook outside in, and they filled it with dry ice.  That was cool.  I never went out of my way to do much, although one year we did try to make a little grave in the yard.  But now I have a couple of nice sets of Halloween mugs to drink my hot chocolate from.  Very satisfying.

Have you ever been to a haunted house?:  Yeah, but I'm not crazy about them.  I've known people who would run and slam into walls so hard they'd hurt themselves, and one girl even broke her braces, but I'm more likely to punch people.  You really don't want to get in my face and make me scream.  I have reflexes.

Have you ever been to a graveyard on Halloween?  I have no idea.  I remember partying in a graveyard and sticking my cigarette into a kid's eye when he tried to pull me down for a tiny teen gang rape *rolling my eyes*, but I can't remember if it was anywhere near Halloween.  I wobbled into the house and flopped onto my bed.  That's all I remember.

Have you ever attended a Halloween party?:  I think the coolest Halloween party we ever had was at our own house when we were kids, surprisingly.  We rarely got birthday parties, but I remember a couple of Halloween parties my mom threw that were the bomb.

Do you watch scary movies on Halloween?  I'd rather watch Halloween cartoons, like Bugs Bunny hanging out in the old castle singing Abra Cadabra.

Have you ever had your candy stolen from you?:  Scott is a sneaky guy.  I once got ONE bite sized snicker out of an entire bag.  Couple of days later, it was just gone.  And he stole all my vanilla tootsie rolls out of my tootsie roll bag last week.

Did you ever steal any ones candy?  Pilfered.  I pilfered tootsie rolls the whole time the kids were growing up.

Has anyone ever gotten hurt due to your prank?:  I don't think so, but since I spread my pranks out year round, and since I get away so I'll never get caught, it's hard to tell.  I heard a mild car wreck was involved once, but that may or may not have been my fault, and I was miles away by that time.

Have you ever dressed as a witch/warlock?:  No, 'fraid not.  Some day I'd like to dress up as a gypsy fortune teller, though, and be devastatingly beautiful, sexy, and mysterious.

Are your parents into Halloween?:  Mom used to be, Dad was usually against it.  He takes devil stuff pretty seriously.

Do you know someone who was born on Halloween?  My parent-in-laws' wedding anniversary is on Halloween.  They don't do anything special, in anticipation of your next question.


Passed out candy?:  I pretty much have to, since I'm not licensed to resell.

Bobbed for apples?:  I was really good at that once I figured it out.

Gone to a pumpkin patch?:  We accidentally raised a tiny little wild pumpkin patch and got a real pumpkin out of it one year.

Hosted a Halloween Party?  I'm not as insane as I look.

Attended a Halloween Party?:  Always good to leave cleanup with another host.

Made pumpkin pie?:  I love hot pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven.  I bet it would be good with ice cream.

Raked leaves?:  Briefly.  I saw big spiders and no other point to it.

Watched the Travel Channel with the Halloween specials?:  That was about as bad as watching home movies.  Maybe I caught a bad production, but I've never been back.


Amityville Horror?:  I'm a virgin.

Halloween?:  I'm innocent.

Last House On The Left?  Never even heard of that one.

House Of Wax?:  Sorry.

Tales From The Crypt?   A couple.

The Exorcist?:  I tried.  I was at a friend's house.  I fell asleep and missed most of it.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre?:  No, but I knew a guy who took the front door of his house down and replaced it with a fake plywood door, and when a bunch of kids knocked, he fired up his chainsaw and sawed through the door.  They ALL ran screaming and never came back.

Pumpkinhead?:  Nope.  I seem to have missed some classics, eh?

The Sixth Sense?:  Ok, I've seen that one.  Is that considered a Halloween movie?

All or any of the Nightmare On Elm Street?:  Once again, I'm pure as the driven snow.

Practical Magic?  Are you making these up?  I've never even heard of it.

Any or all of The Simpsons Halloween episodes?:  Now THOSE I never miss.

The Munsters?:  I had a crush on Eddie Munster when I was a kid.  I know, I go from Eddie to Eddie.  I've done this my whole life.  Except for Billy Mumy.  The only Billy in my life.

The Addams Family?:  I would love to have a pet named Gomez.  By the way, I stuck that extra D in there for ya because it wasn't spelled right.  My very fave scene out of all the movies is when Debbie bursts into their house, cocks the rifle, and yells "In-laws!!!!" with a big smile on her face.

Elvira?:  I own that one.  Love the punked out poodle.

The Lost Boys?:  Keifer made a pretty good vampire, didn't he?

Contact?:  Um, no....  How about Hypercube?  You may as well mention a really outrageously weird movie like that one.

Hocus Pocus?:  Oddly, I actually like that movie.

Edward Scissorhands?:  I'm sorry, that's about as unHalloweeny as it gets, and I weep at the ending, and why in the WORLD didn't you ask about Sleepy Hollow?????????  Who is grasping at straws here?  I love Sleepy Hollow, that one was amazing.

Friday the 13th?:  *yawn*  No.

Childs Play?:  Virgin deluxe, I just don't have the patience for cheesy thrillers.

The Shining?:  Not even Jack himself can get me to sit down for that one.  How about Secret Window?  Or From Hell?  Or The Ninth Gate?  Man, these questions are seriously lacking some outstanding Johnny Depp thrillers.

Salems Lot?:  No, sorry.

Fright Night?:  No.  Ok, we could have more to choose from, like Teen Wolf, or Blade, or Van Helsing, Corpse Bride, or Nightmare Before Christmas, so why in the world is this survey suddenly stopping here?  Gee whiz, not even a mention of Ghostbusters.  And by the way, my very fave author in the entire world having anything to do with witches and death and vampires and zombies and all the stuff is Terry Pratchett.
Every Halloween, wherever I have my blog (it moves around), I post this link to the funniest movie review you ever read in your LIFE.
Grand Wizard
Go read it RIGHT NOW.

After that go watch this movie and then join me in costume.  I've got dibs on The Spleen.

Mystery Men (1999) Original Theatrical Trailer

entertainment survey

Originally published on 10-14-07 on a private blog.

I had one of my 'split shift' nights again last night where I sleep for two hours and I'm up for three before I go back to bed.  Surveys kinda help with that.  This one was more grueling and less fun, but I guess it's all down for the record now.
The Recreation Survey!

What was the first movie you ever saw on the big screen?
  You've gotta be kidding me.  I have no idea.  I bet it was Jungle Book or Dumbo or something, at the theater in town, when there were still concession breaks halfway through the movie.  Or possibly Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.  I think Maleficent was my very first enthrallment with villains.

Did you ever see movies at the drive in? Do you remember any of them?  Nothing like being stuck in the car as a kid with a tiny little soundbox that didn't come in clearly.  Other kids got to go play or buy things to eat.  I was bored out of my skull.  I could go on about the movies I saw, but I don't recall a drive-in movie ever being really enjoyable as much as 'magical' because we so rarely did anything like that.  The magical feeling part was pretty cool.

As a child, what was your favourite movie?  That was waaaaay before rented movies were ever invented, so I saw them once and that was it.  I remember I thought Aristocats and Clint Eastwood and The Love Bug were pretty cool, but I don't think I had a fave.  I do know, though, that my fave all-time score as a child was The Sorcerer's Apprentice, second fave score was Peter and the Wolf.  We had an album collection that was pretty cool.

As a child, who was your favourite movie star?  I really really liked Dick Van Dyke.  I pretty much thought he was the bomb.

Do you own your favourite childhood movie on dvd? And do you actually watch it?  No, I feel no compulsion to build up a childhood memories library.

When you reached your teens, what was the first movie you went to on a date?  Date, haha, that's funny.  I never went on a real 'date' until after I was graduated.  I saw a movie with a gay friend when I was a senior, I think, but I can't remember what it was.

As a teen, who was your favourite movie star?  Hayley Mills, but by then movies were coming on tv regularly.  'Made for tv' movies.

As a teen, what was your favourite movie?  The original Pink Panther movie, with Peter Sellers, and Escape from Witch Mountain.

As a child or a teen was there a character in a movie you tried to be like?  I remember wanting to be like Mr. Spock, but he wasn't in a movie back then.

What are a few of your favourite movies as an adult?  Airheads, Galaxy Quest, Monsters Inc, Mystery Men, Spaceballs, A Night at the Roxbury, the Terminator series, Ghostbusters, Scrooged, Con Air, anything Star Wars or Star Trek, The Tuxedo, the POTC movies, the Austin Powers movies, etc.

Who are the actors whose movies you actively go to?  Popping a major bubble here, I am no longer an 'active' movie goer.  I see maybe one or two films a year on the silver screen any more.  Part of the problem is the sound system.  I am extremely sensitive to sound, and have had to ask management to reduce the noise level the last 3 or 4 times I've been there, as opposed to feeling my seat and chest vibrate every time there is an exposion or bit of action.  That or being sandwiched between loud crazy people who smell 'creative', for lack of a nicer word.  Now, if this had been a ~rental~ question...

What are some of the stupidest movies you have ever seen?  I assume we're still talking theater experience.  Scary Movie was idiotic in the theater.  That was one of my bad experiences being sandwiched between college boys whooping it up like imbeciles for every sex related or nude scene.  I mean, geez, guys, scream to the world how little you get in real life...

Who are some of the actors you would love to see retire?  Julia Roberts.  Sorry, Julia fans, but I honestly can't stand her.

What do you snack on at the movies?  Popcorn, if Scott is with me.  I kind of like the nachos.

Did you ever, actually, go to the movies and make out?  The closest I've ever come to 'making out' at a movie theater was when a friend of mine decided to jump into the seat next to me from the back, literally.  His big foot landed in about a gallon of Mt. Dew and soaked me.  Don't know if you can call the heated intimacy of near death at my hands 'making out' or not, but we came pretty close to being thrown out of the theater.

Have you ever left a movie while it was still running?  YES.  Good lord, there are some crappy movies out there.

Are there movies you have gone to see repeatedly?  The Tuxedo and the POTC movies, but only because I had the spare cash and the time on my hands.

What movie is currently showing or about to open that you are excited to see?  I'm excited enough to wait for the rentals, but I'm considering making Sweeney Todd a silver screen experience.

Did your parents read to you as a child?
  Sadly, yes.  My dad would read technical material to me while I doodled on throwaway papers while he did taxes or bookkeeping.  My mom would read bible stories and then quiz me.  Consequently, I now obsessively read shampoo bottles and can even pronounce all the ingredients, even in French.  Okay, okay, I'm an avid reader.

Once you were old enough, did you read on your own?  What is old enough?  I couldn't read until the second grade, when phonics swept through in all the rage.  Suddenly *bing*, I was reading anything and everything.

What books from your childhood left a lasting impression on you?  David and the Phoenix, Rudyard Kipling stories, Tunnel Through Time, Black and Blue Magic, The Room.

Do you read, now? What genre of book do you read most often?  I'm lately into biographies, and tend to go home from the library with books written by physicists and mathematicians, both fiction and nonfiction.  For a time I dug up anything I could on ghost stories, past lives, and near death experiences.  Dave Barry is also a favorite, and I love Terry Pratchet.

Do you own books or go to the library?  I own many books from the past, but have learned to rely heavily on the library system to save me thousands of dollars.

Do you have any favourite authors? What about authors whose work changed your life?  Madeleine L'Engle was probably the most life changing.  I think I've read everything she's ever written.  I also really dig Alexander Dumas.  I read The Count of Monte Cristo as a pre-teen and was just wowed.

Name some books you could or have read repeatedly.  Oddly, the Dirk Gently 'series', if you can call both of them that, by Richard Adams, the same guy who wrote the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books.  I really like Dirk.  He's such an earnest fraud, and believes in the interconnectedness of all things.

Name some books you started but could not finish.  The Barrow.  Sorry, John.  Yes, I know this author personally.

What book are you reading right now?  I am currently on the hunt for Dress to Kill, a biography about Eddie Izzard.  I'll probably have to request a library loan from another state.

As a child, were you allowed to watch television? What did you like to watch?
  Lost in Space was a big favorite, and Star Trek.  I'll never forget the first time I saw Frankenstein on tv.

As a child, were there any shows your parents actively discouraged you from watching?  Anything and everything with even the slightest hint of sexuality (thanx, Mom) or anti-religious theme, which means I pretty much had to get pretty stubborn to see some things.  I'm not sure how or when the science fiction started showing up in my life, probably around puberty, but once it was clear I was hooked, there was no stopping me.

If you have/had children, are there any shows that you would actively discourage them from watching?  I raised my oldest daughter on David Lee Roth videos and Rocky Horror, and she turned out just fine.  But yes, there were a few things I balked at.  Like Jonathan Taylor Thomas...  The torture of raising a child.  I had enough of him to last me a lifetime.

Once you were old enough to watch something other than cartoons, what shows did you choose to watch?  Since there were only 3 public channels at the time, I was stuck watching Jack LaLanne, soap operas, game shows, and the news, so I rarely watched tv as a small child.  I do remember the original Batman series, though, which I really liked.

As an adult, what have some of your favourite shows been?  Way too many to list, but some recent ones have been Jake 2.0, Dead Like Me, Odyssey 5 (glad to see SciFi pick that one up), and very recently with the new season I'm enjoying Reaper and Carpoolers.  I was a big Farscape fan, I think that should be noted.

What shows do you watch, these days?  Eek, just answered part of that.  I also watch Stargate Atlantis and Bionic Woman.

Are there any shows you never missed an episode of, from the first to the last?  Stargate SG-1, pretty much.  Even when I did hotel desk work on late night Fridays I was able to catch most of every show, because it came on just before shift change and the hotel was usually full up by then.

Any shows that, when they went off-air, you were bothered about it, in any way?  I was really upset when The Lost Room suddenly stopped after only 3 episodes, and screamed when Odyssey 5 was suddenly dropped.  Harsh Realm, same thing.

Are there any shows you have bought or would buy on dvd?  I've got the first two seasons of Arrested Development, but other than that, I don't collect tv shows.  I also taped all the Sliders episodes, so I don't need to buy them.

Name the best tv show theme songs.  Land of the Lost.  I don't know why.  That one has stuck with me forever.  Corny, but true.  Just about anything Sid and Marty Krofft really sticks with a person.  The Kids from C.A.P.E.R. theme song was pretty cool, too.

If we opened your cd player or clicked on your ipod right now, what would we find you had recently been listening to?
  Rocky Horror soundtrack.  Hey, it's almost Halloween.

What genre of music do you, most often, listen to?  New age.

What genre of music will you never, ever, ever listen to?  Country.  Yes, they have some good songs out there, but I really can't take the mind set.

Will you tell us some of your favourite artists from the decades past?  ELO, Doobie Brothers, Dire Straits, Lovin' Spoonful.  You know, different, with their own sound, and no one else could ever copy them.

When listening to music, do you sing or dance along?  I either clean house or spaz out.

Do you own any record albums?  It's scary how many albums I own.  I own the collector's album to the Kids From C.A.P.E.R. show, the soundtrack album to The Pirate Movie, full collections of classical and baroque, at least 20 John Denver albums, the Labyrinth soundtrack, and all kinds of stuff like Ric Ocasek, Prince, Elton John, Sammy Hagar, the ORIGINAL Sons of the Pioneers, Eddie Arnold, Bonnie Guitar, Johnny Mathis, and I won't bore you with all the rest.  I think my sister owns all the Monkees albums ever made, among a variety of other things she likes.

Do you know what a spacer is?  I think spacers are to keep large stacks of albums from leaning on each other so that the ones near the back with all the weight on them don't become warped.

Who is your very favourite singer?  I have recently been enjoying Blu Cantrell, although that doesn't mean she's my all-time fave or that I favor her above others in my music collection.  I think 'favorite singer' comes and goes as my moods change around.  Like, once in awhile it's Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.  Mood swings.

Whose work as a singer leaves you completely baffled?  I don't dwell on bafflers.

Have you ever seen any famous singers live?  Scarily, I've seen KC and the Sunshine Band.  No, it did NOT rock.  I've also seen (and met) C.W. McCall and Riders in the Sky, and I've been to the Andy Williams theater one year for my birthday.  I used to watch his Christmas specials when I was very small, so that was kinda cool.  There are a few more, but you wouldn't know them.  I HAD a chance to meet the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and missed it.

Are there any famous singers you would like to see perform live?  Weird Al would be awesome.

Can you name some of your favourite songwriters/composers?  Hilary Stagg.  Dream Spiral is the most beautiful collection of pieces I've ever listened to.
Hilary had worked as a commercial diver in the North Sea, spending many, many hours underwater. He was also an avid scuba diver, so it's not surprising that Hilary's music is akin to floating in the ocean, wave after wave reflecting the spiral of life as our planet moves through the heavens. This is undoubtedly why Hilary's music is so perfect combined with the magnificent underwater footage on Starbrook's video, Real Sanctuary.
As he played and spoke about the harp, it was obvious that Hilary had tremendous respect for the instrument. "There is something about the harp that captivates not only the listener, but reaches a part of me as well that is difficult to describe or understand," explained Stagg. And when you listen to his work, it seems inconceivable that Hilary Stagg's musical journey was relatively brief. With fan mail pouring in regularly from a devoted following, many describing their healing experiences with the music, it's clear that Stagg's unique sound has a profound effect upon people no matter what their musical tastes may be.

Have you ever listened to or attended the opera?  My mom exposed me to some opera on tv and the record player when I was very young, and I was fascinated.  There are some pieces I've never seen performed but have been part of my soul since I was 4 or 5.

Do you play any musical intruments?  If not, would you like to learn any?  I no longer have any desire to play an instrument.  When I was a teenager, I begged to learn 12-string acoustic guitar, I wanted to play Flamenco and classical guitar so badly.  I got a 3/4 sized 6 string and sat in a stupid one semester guitar class in high school and didn't learn a thing.  If I had been encouraged beyond this at ALL, I probably would have majored in music in college.

Do you attend the theater where you live? 
 I have a handful of times over the years.  The best local play I ever saw was put on by one of the colleges in 'tent theater' during summer nights.

Do you like plays or musicals? Classics or contemporary?  Totally depends on the story and who is singing...  That's why I want to check out Sweeney Todd at the movies when it's released.  I also saw the Phantom of the Opera at the movies a few years ago.  Sadly, I have never seen a live performance or a theater showing of Rocky Horror.  I LOVE Bugs Bunny renditions of opera and musicals.

Name some of your favourite non musical plays.  I'm pretty sure I've seen a nonmusical play, but I'm sure not recalling any right now.

Now some of your favourite musicals.  Grease, Rocky Horror, Cats (I've never seen that, but I love the soundtrack), Little Shop of Horrors, and there are a few oldies I recall seeing in black and white as a kid but don't know the names of.  I also really like the Sammy Davis, Jr. version of Alice in Wonderland that was on tv many years ago.

Name some stage musicals that have been translated to movie musicals well.  Ok, now this is becoming a college essay exam.

Now name the ones that didn't.  I refuse to comply with the way the question is worded.  I deal with personal preferences, not critiquing.

Name the stupidest plays (musical or non) you have seen.  I have to agree with the surveyist ahead of me, Tommy is the stupidest.  That's where the Pinball Wizard song comes from, if you don't know what that is.

Do you remember the first play you ever saw?  Peter Pan with Mary Martin, I think.

Do you remember the last?  It was a rock opera called Rain, written by a college student that my daughter was performing with.  I thought they did a pretty decent job of it.

Name your favourite stage actors.  Well, so many 'regular' actors either started out as stage actors or are going back to stage acting, this is kind of a toughie.  Matthew Broderick, I guess, and David Johansen.  If you don't know who David Johansen is, he's Brad in Freejack and the cab driver in Scrooged.  I caught a snippet of a stage performance he had been in on PBS late one night many years ago and was really impressed.

Do you dress up for the theater? Do you eat during the play?  I don't go in a t-shirt, and I don't snack.  Call me old school.

Have you ever forgotten to turn your phone off and had it ring during the play?  No.

Do you have any thrilling moments from the theater that remain in your memory?  I love it when the props don't cooperate and the actors have to carry on their live performance anyway.  Like when a skull accidentally goes flying around or something.  Great times.  Mike Nelson has a really hilarious theater story in one of his books.

Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings: read the books or watch the movies?
  Ack, both of those in the same question.  Ok, big LOTR fan here, read the books in high school and a few times since.  Thought they did fabulous with the movies.  Harry Potter, yes, read all the books, and I really think it would have been better off being treated as a series, instead of cramming and deleting so much in and out of the movies.

Just before bed: television or book?  A snack and tv or the computer.  It used to be stacks of books, and I still imbibe occasionally, but it's hard to stop and sleep.  Harry Potter books are the worst for that because they're a thousand pages long.

Watch ballet or go dancing?  I haven't done either in years.

Summer day: walk in the park or lie on the beach?  Stay in my house out of the sun.

Best game show, now or then.  I kind of liked the one where the contestant had to guess who the real person was after asking questions.  "Will the REAL so-and-so please stand up?"

Do/have you read the Sunday comics? Which ones?  I was a Sunday comic devotee all my life until Calvin and Hobbes left the scene.  Now I briefly glance through now and again, but not regularly.  Pearls Before Swine is pretty cool.

Sexiest scene put on film.  Kevin Sorbo as Hercules or Kull.  Any scene.

What magazines do you read?  I catch up on magazines at the doctor's office.  Occasionally I'll find a good one, like a scientific publication, or something with really expensive food.

Best television cooking show.  Iron Chef.

Don't get any more cosmetic surgery!!  I really don't care who does what, but Cher got a little obsessed.

Best Christmas movie.  Jingle All the Way and Scrooged.

Best Stand up comic.  Eddie Izzard.

What fictional characters would you just love to have come to life so you could meet them?  I think it would be a blast to go out on a date with Tony P. from Mystery Men.  I'd love to post a better screen cap of him for you, but that is one dang hard movie to find good screen caps of, especially with just Tony P.  He's a wonderful twist on a totally funky disco henchman for the bad guy, and I love his suit in his final scene.  These pics don't do him justice.

Museums--Let me at 'em or Yawn, bore me?  Depends on the museum.  'Personal' museums are the best.

Best James Bond theme song.  I don't care.

What a pig!  I don't know the point of this one.

Best superhero in print, on tv or in the movies.  The Spleen.

Best board game.  Clue, because it was also a really cool movie.

In life: Watch or participate?  Sometimes even instigate, heh heh.

26 questions survey

From Oct. 12, 2007 on a private blog.

1. Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how much is a peck?  I'm not going to tell you.  Oh, okay, here.
1. Abbr. pk.
a. A unit of dry volume or capacity in the U.S. Customary System equal to 8 quarts or approximately 537.6 cubic inches.
b. A unit of dry volume or capacity in the British Imperial System equal to 8 quarts or approximately 554.8 cubic inches. See Table at measurement.
2. A container holding or measuring a peck.

2. What is your favorite caffinated drink?  Hot chocolate, but I know my limit.

3. If you were an animal which one would you be and why?  A dragon, so I could fly and burn things and be scary if I wanted to.

4. If you were out on the town, feeling hungry and your choices of restaruants were endless what type of eatery would you pick?  I think I've tried just about everything, and I still would rather eat at home than anywhere 'out', unless it's with my sisters.  If it's me and Scott, we are *jinxed*, we just don't get a break from weirdos, screaming babies, being forgotten, getting the wrong food, getting a really bad table, you name it, we've experienced it, no matter WHERE we go.  Because of this, I insist on full service, an interesting menu, and a costly meal just so the heartburn will be worth it.  And we always tip handsomely, no matter what.  My belief is that we just happen to catch people on a really bad day, it's just our path in life to be the forgiving ones who don't make their days worse.  And we usually giggle like maniacs through the entire meal because it's so outrageously stupid that we always wind up having really rotten experiences.  We've been offered free food from management several times, and it was never because we complained.

5. How old were you when you learned to tie your shoes?  Gee, who cares?  I have no idea.  It was traumatic, so I buried the memory, and I'd like to keep it that way.

6. What is your all time favorite movie?  Airheads.  You just can't beat that combo.  Really wish they'd made a sequel.

7. Are you pushy and arrogant or quiet and humble?  I am a chameleon.  I think a lot of it depends on whether I care about how stupid other people are being.  They reach a certain level, and I can't help it, I have to start making fun in an intellectually naive sort of way.  I help them look as stupid as humanly possible by simply encouraging it.

8. Favorite summertime activity?  I'm afraid this last summer it was doing a lot of drugs.  Usual combo-- vicodin, skelaxin, prednisone, naproxen, librax, protonix....  I remember very little about anything last summer beyond ice packs and drugs.  And youtube.  What a lifesaver that was.

9. Favorite wintertime activity?  Making cookies, eating cookies, decorating cookies, eating cookies, reading cookie recipes, eating cookies, looking at pictures of cookies, eating cookies...  And sex when I can catch Scott in between sports and yard work.  And eating cookies.

10. What was your favortie song when you were 13?  Probably a John Denver song, or a C.W. McCall song.  You rarely hear either one on oldies stations nowadays.

11. Who is your favorite music artist today?  I'm gonna say John Sebastian just to throw everyone off.

12. Picasso or Monet?  Edvard Munch.

13. Def Leppard or Motley Crew?  Van Halen, Scorpions, Queen, Aerosmith...

14. If you could travel back in time where and when would you go?  Do I get multiple jumps?  Do I get gear so I can go back to the methane atmosphere days and see what the earth was like without it killing me?  If I go back to yesterday will you give me some money so I can go to the theater?  I've actually thought about this a LOT, since I was a young child.  If I only get one chance to change a crucial moment in my past, I want to go back to middle school and kick the crap out of the girls who used to torment me.  And I don't mean girls who called me names and laughed at me.  I mean a gang of mean rough girls who made my life a living hell.  I would really enjoy that, I think.  And I would either be killed, seriously messed up, or thrown in jail before you'd be able to get me back, but I don't care.

15. What is your favorite quote?  "You're wasting your energy attempting to force my cooperation.  I have no sense of self preservation and can always be reassembled."  --790

16. Bush or Clinton?  What, for lunch?  Are you seriously saying one of them is coming to my house?  Ok, I guess whichever one has the cahonies to butcher, pluck, and gut a chicken.  And just to make it interesting, it has to be the neighbor's chicken.  I imagine Clinton would sneak over and steal it and get shot at and think he was having a good time, and Bush would walk over and hand over a hundred dollars and have the chicken handed to him, along with a recipe book and an onion, and he'd make new friends over it.  Let's just say Clinton grew up in an area typecast for chicken thieving.  Either way, what fun, eh?  Nothing like a stinky, bloody mess to test a man's soul.

17. If you could live somewhere else other than the earth, in our solar system, where would it be?  Does that mean I CAN choose a place in our solar system, or I CAN'T?  That part is unclear.  I assume 'living' somewhere other than Earth means I get all the goodies that go with existing in horrendous atmospheres and gravities.  I think I'd rather be a free-floater, living in a habitat in its own orbit, with optional flying around the solar system at will kinds of parts installed.

18. Greens or Cabbage?  Cole slaw, egg rolls, cabbage soup, sauerkraut, a nice little dash of purple in a salad.  Cabbage and I get along ok.  Greens is unspecified.  Poke salat?  Turnip greens?  Spinach?  If it's boiled up in a big pot with onions and bacon, I'm not touching it.

19. When you wake up in the morning whats the first thing that pops into your head?  You know, I've answered this one in so many surveys, and I am beginning to wonder if the word "sex" is supposed to automatically go there, but no one EVER says that is the first thing that pops into their head.  But I'll answer again, in case anyone missed it in other surveys.  The first thing that pops into my head is Where the heck *am* I?  I was just ~there~, now I'm ~here~, but I wasn't done being ~there~ yet... so why am I here?  It slowly dawns on me that I'm BACK.  I was yanked back, sometimes in mid-sentence or just on the verge of discovering the truth of a mystery or something really cool happening, and suddenly I'm back in a boring room, in my boring bed, looking at my boring clock, and wondering why I couldn't have stayed ~there~ just five minutes longer.

20. Do you use deodorant, anti-perspirant or both?  This is about the stupidest question I've ever seen on a survey.  A better question would be do you use a deodorant or anti-perspirant at all.  I know of people who don't because they think the aluminum in the ingredients will cause Alzheimer's, and one person I know of washed her armpits with vinegar.  Now, if you *truly* want to know about a person's pits, ask something more optional.

21. How old were you the fist time you kissed a boy/girl?  Kindergarten, if my cousin counts.  It counted enough to the staff to move me to a different classroom.

22. What is the sexiest feature of a man/woman?  Posture, movement, tone of voice.  I mean, how many people go after whiny klutzes slumped over on a couch?  Betcha never saw THIS kind of answer before.

23. What did you dream about being when you grew up? (profession-wise)  I didn't.  I had no dreams of my future, of a job, of being a grown up at all.  None.  I was ticked off for years that I wasn't born a horse or a dog, and ticked off through puberty that I wasn't born a boy.  The future really didn't occur to me.

24. What is the craziest thing you have ever done for money?  Cleaned up globs of human fat off an operating table after a liposuction.  That is the most tenaciously sticky stuff I've ever seen.  Despite gowning out and changing clothes twice, I still had it all over me for two days, in my hair, on my glasses, just everywhere.  Just have a good think about that when you go into a hospital for a procedure.  Hospital housekeeping staff is what keeps the place running.  I have a deep appreciation for people who clean up after others for a living.

25. Dogs or Cats?  My chicken.

26. One last question, If you legally changed your name, what would you change it to?  Can't tell you.  Don't want anyone stealing it.