Friday, November 11, 2016

survey from November 21, 2007

From a private blog. This is how I got through stuff before I had twitter. This was just before we found out I had a very nasty cytomegalovirus infection that took me down for months. It's a mono strain that can hit your liver like a freight train, so basically it was like having hepatitis with a lot of complications.

I started this at 5 a.m. this morning.  It's now 1 a.m.

1. What was the highlight of your day?
Getting to sleep for 3 hours before I woke up coughing.  Later on my highlight will be seeing my family over the hills and through the woods.  I'm pretty excited about that.

2. Who's car were you in last?
I was in my baby Lamborghini ripping up the road to the doctor.  Unmedicated, for a change.  Totally at one with the broken CD player and 
Star 105.1 .

3. When is the next time you are going to kiss someone?
Scott gave me a teeny quickie kiss on the way out.  He keeps forgetting I'm lethal, toxic, and poisonous and keeps doing that.

4. What color shirt are you wearing?
My favoritist old raggedy black t-shirt in the whole world.  I'm not going to throw it away until a nipple actually shows.

5. How long is your hair?

Still way above my waist.  Waaaay above.  I won't be able to make a ponytail for months.  Possibly longer.

6. Last movie you watched?

The Kingdom of Heaven, with Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson and many other biggies.  I thought they did a really good job on the war.

7. Last thing you drank?
Hot honey milk.  Did you know honey bees were European and near Eastern before they came to America?  One brave bee named Christopher C. drew up a plan for world dominance, and their Queen, Isabee, approved.

8. Last thing you ate?
About 5 hours ago I was finishing up cashews, cheese, and crackers.

9. Where did you sleep last night?
I was really hoping to get more sleep than this.  I took some benadryl, maybe I'll get a quick nap in before I have to leave later.  I'm having to sleep on the couch lately so I don't choke on my own phlegm.

10. Are you happy right now?
No one ever asks me if I'm thrilled.  How come no one ~ever~ asks me that?

11.What did you say last?
I'm sure someone's got it on record somewhere.  I think it was 'see ya' or 'you too' or something as Scott walked out the door.  Maybe you can google that if it's so important.

12. Where is your phone?
Do phones have GPS tracking systems in them yet?  I know the CTU people in 24 can track cell phone signals, but that's only if they're actively being used.

13. What was the last museum you went to?
My room is a lot like a museum after an earthquake.  Antiquities in piles all sliding back out of order.

14. what color are your eyes?
I will be so surprised if I find out later they're not really brown and that I've been delusional all this time.

15. Who came over last?
We can always count on Twinkles.

16. Who are you talking to?
Very surreal.  My first thought was, who are YOU?  You know you're a hermit when you really think you're having a conversation with a survey.

17. Who/what do you hate/dislike currently?
Sinus pain and pressure *can* be your friend if you'll just give it a chance.

18. What are you listening to?
Predawn Weather Channel music, but they keep interrupting it to talk about some places having snow.

19. If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
3 more hours of sleep.  I think I'm going to stop for awhile and try laying down again.

20. What is the best smell.

::11 hours later::  Ok, I'm back.  My most favorite smell ever is the smell of newly made alfalfa hay bales in the night air mixed with the smell of my dad's sweat.  I hope heaven smells like that.  At least for me.

21. Who is always there when you need someone to talk to?
I never lack for a survey.  No matter how badly I suffer and moan, the survey people always spend quality time with me.  Like now, for instance.  My right ear is hurting SO bad, it feels like the eardrum is going to violently explode and the wall will be spattered with inner ear fluid.  I won't go into other details of sinus and respiratory infection right now.  But the survey stays through it with me, steady as a rock.  Nearly everyone else leaves the room gagging when I go into detail.

22. What were you doing at midnight last night?
Drugging myself into a stupor and praying for sleep.  At midnight, and I distinctly remember this, I was uncontrollably hacking what felt like chopped vegetables out of my chest and thinking how sharp some of the pieces felt.  Kinda like a cement contractor had been mistakenly called in, and now we're breaking up the new sidewalks in my bronchials with jackhammers and flinging the shards willy nilly into the upper stratosphere.

23. Are you left-handed?
Do you think it's odd that very few people care if I'm right-handed?

24. What's for dinner tonight?
Scott's on his own.  If I'm lucky I'll get a piece of preformed caramelized pizza.  (~later~ I wasn't lucky.)

Where did 25 go?

26. When is your birthday?
I so don't care right now.  My ear thinks I should spit on this question.  My ear is wondering why nobody cares, why isn't someone pouring some magical hot eucalyptus oil into it and topping it off with cotton?  I'm telling my eardrum to just shut up and burst already, I'm sick of its whining.

27. Who was the last person to send you a text message?

Twinkles.  The typos were pretty funny.  I don't think she checks to see whether the automatic word thingy grabbed the right word.

Where did 28 go?

29. Where was the last place you went shopping?

I get my drugs at Walgreens.  They may be maddening about a few policies, but I love their national database.

30. How do you feel about your hair right now?
Not a thing.  It's about the only thing on my body not complaining right now.

31. Do you have any expensive jewelry?
I put together a really cool charm bracelet one year that retails for nearly $400 total.  I'm afraid to wear it anywhere.

Where did 32 go?

33. Where does most of your family live?
This is something a stalker or killer would ask.

34. Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
I allowed my parents to continue procreating after they had me, but they had to agree to love me the most.

35. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
Is having to pull weeds all summer until your fingers callous a form of being spoiled?  I won't go into the rest of the chores.  Yes, # 34 was obviously tongue in cheek.

36. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up this morning?Quick, get to the bathroom before you hack up slime all over yourself, and actually, go even faster than that before the coughing makes you pee the couch.  Nothing like coming out of a dead sleep in full blown cough spasm running through the house mode.

37. Do you drink beer?
If I had some hot beer I'd pour it in my ear and get it drunk so it would shut up.

38. Myspace or Facebook?

Where did 39 go?

40. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
My ear is reminding me how badly I hated history.  I think it might have a gun.
Where did 41 go?

42. Do you have any hidden talents?
I think my greatest achievement is 20 years of severely chronic insomnia.  I hide it well.

43. Have you ever been in a wedding?
My ear is demanding a wooden stake to drive through my eardrum.  I offered a toothpick, and it threw a fit that it wasn't one of those colored party pics.

44. Do you have any children?
Do they count after they're grown up and gone?

45. Did you take a nap today?
This is probably the root of the ear problem.  No, I didn't.

46. Isn't LOST an awesome show?
Call me abnormal for not thinking so, but it was like Gilligan's Island on acid.  The extent to which the boundaries of credibility were pushed were like an experiment on my poor husband's brain.  I watched him watching the show.

47. Do you want to be famous one day?
Just for one day?  Depends.  You know that kid that made the youtube about not picking on Britney?  That rocked.  I mean, to simply scream and cry at a camera for a couple of minutes like that and become such a big hit on world news, wow.  You really have to admire the luck some people have.  Nearly 13 million views and 186,000 comments in only two months and still rocking on. 
That youtube alone inspired a whole new genre of video response.

48. What do you say a lot?
My ear is now tanked on codeine and quietly contemplating whether the universe ever feels like bursting, and where exactly the 'drum' would be located.

49. Could you handle being in the military?

I suppose I'd be the world's fastest curl up and die recruit.

50. What is your average cell phone bill?
Scott takes care of that stuff.  But he does fuss a bit sometimes about 411 calls, me suddenly sucking up his share of minutes after weeks of near inactivity, and reminds me that even receiving a text message eats up quarters.  We don't text enough to warrant purchasing a plan, so I remind him that it's still cheaper than what it would have been with a plan.  I'm not big on texting, but sometimes it sure comes in handy.  Like when you lose your voice for 4 days straight during a really nasty chest cold.

51. Do you believe in Karma?
My ear is making monk cheese and humming to itself.

52. Ever been to Las Vegas?

It shows up on tv so much that surely that must count as a visit by now.

53. What are you doing today?

After a doctor ~~ORDERED~~ me to do nothing the rest of the week, I spent the day driving about 120 miles and hanging out in a nursing home eating turkey dinner.  I felt so weak and wiped out that I just laid my head on my mommy's shoulder and told her I'm puny, I need my mommy, and she squeezed my finger.

54. Have you ever been gambling?
My ear says 
gamboling is good for the soul.

Where did 55 go?

56. Have you been to New York City?
I've watched Ghostbusters I and II a number of times.  I feel like I have.

57. Have you ever been to Disney World/Land?

That is one of a long list of places I've never ever been to in my life.

58. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
Darkwing Duck is dang cool.

59. Last thing you cooked?
Yesterday's roast.  I think the drugs are about to take me away from you.

60. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?

No recollection of stupidity with my cell phone.  I'm sure Scott would say it was dialing 411 to get a phone number I could have looked up in a phone book, and then not using the house phone.

61. Last time you were sick?
My ear says illness is all in the mind and offers you a piece of monk cheese.

62. Random fact about you?

I prefer briefs to thongs.