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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Christmas Surveys

From a private blog on Dec. 4, 2007. This is a two-fer.

Christmas survey

1. Get kissed under the mistletoe or in the snow?

Hmm, dilemma...  Scott's nose runs out in the cold, and we don't have any mistletoe in the house.  Maybe we'll snuggle on the couch or something.   

2. Santa or Rudolph?

Wait, was this for the kiss question?  Because I'm really not the Santa type, and I don't need Rudy thinking he's funny and sticking his nose in my mouth to watch my cheeks glow, you know?

3. Stocking or presents?

Around here we call them 'socks'.  And socks hold more stuff, especially like candy and gift cards.  What if my present is a sweater or something?  Yeah, definitely sock.

4. Eggnog or hot cider?

Homemade, or from a carton or mix?  I'll take homemade, if you've got it.

5. Angel or star?

Angels like it homemade, too.  Put the star on the tree and offer homemade drinks to all the angels in the house.

6. Decorating the tree, or putting lights on the outside?

This year, nada.  I love it when we do the house, because our back deck looks like a canteena, and the front and side rails look like a gingerbread house.  The tree is fun when it looks like it's just dripping with all kinds of colorful goodies.  But this year, neither one.  We're taking a break.

7. Warm cozy fires or sleigh rides?:

Oddly, I've never had a sleigh ride.  But I have had a carriage ride.  I hate to say it, but the fleas ate me up, kinda killed the whole atmosphere of the ride.  I remember we had this cool fireplace when I was growing up.  I do miss that, but I don't miss the mess and the smoke.

8. Family time or friend time?

My family ARE my friends.  I've tried having friends outside family.  It gets too complicated.

9. Expensive presents or presents that come from the heart?

No presents at all.  I used to think it was fun, now I'm just terribly burned out.  There is so much worry and guilt and pressure over money being tight and people standing in return lines and being thought inconsiderate if the gift isn't right, it just really turns me off now.  I guess working in a high traffic department store didn't help.

10. Snow ball fight or snowman?

The coolest thing we ever did as kids was make tunnels through the snow.  I always wanted to make my own igloo.

11.Coal or present?


12. Open presents quick or slow?

Avoid opening them until everyone else is done and then it looks like I'm rich with a big pile of presents.  It's funny how the gift wrap makes people drool to see what's inside.  Everyone hates it when I sit there and don't open something.  I get a bigger kick out of watching everyone else.

13. Diamonds or rubies?

Are you insinuating I'll get a pile of one or the other if I but choose?  How generous.

14. Caroling or Christmas stories?

Watching Scrooged with a big bowl of popcorn.

15. Snowy days or ice days?

We had way too much ice last year.  I'll settle for a very light dusting of snow this year, but that's all.

16.Red or Green?

The Red Green show!!!

The Red Green Show


1. Best Christmas present received?

I've had plenty of really good ones, but the best present is getting to hang out with Scott.  He's pulled in so many directions like taffy, it's rare and precious to have him to myself for a little while, even just to yak while we're going somewhere in the car.

2. Whats the number one thing you want for christmas?

Peace and quiet.  No calamities or accidents.  No hard feelings or big messes.  Oh, and good food.  Can't forget that.

3. If you were going out with someone, what would you want them to get you?

I want Scott to get me some really good food from Harter House.

4. Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe?

I didn't even know what mistletoe really was until a few years ago.  Not sure I get that whole tradition.

5. Age you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

When I was in the first grade, some big boys in the lunch room told me he had died.  I can still remember the shock, the smell of my leather coin purse that held four pennies for my milk, and the smell of my peanut butter sandwich that I was unable to eat because I started crying so hard they had to call my mom.  I learned early on that the Christmas season is cruel and hard, and filled with the laughter of ugly mean children.

6. Do you send thank you notes?

Once in awhile, yes I do.  I'm kind of old fashioned.

7. Do you wake your parents up early to open presents?

I never had to.  The other kids were all over it.  And it never worked to try calling them early once I had my own kids, because they were still already up.  In fact, I think one Christmas they even called me up out of a sound sleep at the crack of dawn and asked why the kids weren't up yet opening presents.