Thursday, October 23, 2014

15 things

Originally posted on 9-21-08.

I’m so out of the loop I’d never know if I were tagged or not, but I’ll just go ahead and do this.    15 things about myself!  That you probably never wanted to know!  That you are going Oh, crap, there she goes again….  heh heh.

1.  My Crazy Jaizzy’s fantasy football team is 2-0 right now.


2.  Jaizzy is my pet chicken, named after a xangan who once told me it’s French slang for “I’m confused.”


3.  Child abuse is a family pattern that goes back 4 generations on my mom’s side.  Back then it was called ‘discipline’.  My mother used to beat me till she could no longer lift her arm.


4.  I have a problem with ‘pretenders’, people who hold onto a belief system and behave contrary to it.  Like Christians who are cruel to other people via anything from neglect to gossip to hateful confrontation.


5.  I’m not always that serious.  I own nearly everything Weird Al ever put out.


6.  I don’t drink.  I tried one year, and went into liver toxicity.  Not fun.


7.  Halloween is my fave holiday, autumn is my fave season.


8.  I love finding cool renderings that other people do.


9.  I like silly movies.


10.  I don’t get along very well with others after a certain length of time.  Most people don’t realize it’s the Asperger’s.  I didn’t realize it myself for years.


11.  I hate it when people feel sorry for me.  I’ve been dealing with chronic illness and severe pain for 20 years, and I have to be tough to survive.  Making a big deal out of feeling bad for me only makes me really depressed, so I ignore people thinking they’re being nice about it.  Then they tell me I’m mean and cruel because I don’t respond correctly.  So no offense, but I have a lot more on my mind than social etiquette when it’s all I can do not to curl up and look gross.  And to all the people who’ve told me I look terrible when I turn white as a sheet and nearly faint from overwhelming pain in public places, and all the people who’ve said “My (relative) died of lupus”- just don’t, ok?  I ~know~.


12.  This is true.


13.  My original heroic icon is Stephen Hawking.  I love the guy.  I thought he was the bomb even before I was diagnosed nearly 20 years ago.


14.  Beaker is my fave muppet.


15.  I own a duck.  She’s the noisiest pet I’ve ever owned.  I love this icon.