Friday, October 24, 2014

Summer Survey from

Originally posted on 6-13-11.

Summer Survey from

What has been the highest temperature so far?  –
Plenty hot for lizards, chipmunks, and chickens.  Oh, and the lettuce.  Poor lettuce….

What has been the lowest temperature so far? –
I like to froze in Red Lobster last week, had to run back out to the car in the sweltering heat and grab my sweater.  Yeah, figure that one out.

What do you have planned this summer? –
What the heck, I’m shooting for two more bowling balls off my physique.  And weekly trips to farmers market.

Are you going to travel out of the country this summer? –
We figured out that if the highways were bombed and no one could buy gas, it would take Scott almost two days to walk home from work, because he’d have to ford two rivers along the way.  I might go to the next county a couple times.

Do you like the heat? –
No, it sux, thanx.  Bugs sure love it, though.

Have you bought any new flip flops yet? –
=(  Me no can wear.  Feet and legs seize up, I blame the fibro.

Have you bought a new swim suit yet? –
Pass.  At least this year.  Saving my money.

What is something you want to do this summer? –
Currently doing a Stargate SG-1 marathon, other plans include finishing Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA and trying a new homemade bbq sauce next time we grill ribs.

Are you going to have a fling this summer? –
Might hafta fling Scott off the deck if he gets too ornery.

Is summer your favorite season? –
Summer is my least fave.  I love the sunshine as long as I’m not in it (severe PLE, Polymorphous light eruption –, I know, I’m a vamp), wanting a draped runner’s hat.

Does your house have AC? –
A guy Scott works with knows another guy who said the electric company has already been to his house to install a lockout on his meter, which measures how much energy you use during AC weather and browns you out if you use too much.  This is coming to everyone, thanx to Big Bro O and his minion.

What is the best book you have read this summer? –
Not sure there is a best.  Maybe you should have asked about least boring.

Have you gone swimming yet this summer? –
Can’t even remember the last time I went swimming.

Have you eaten ice cream yet this summer? –
Ice cream, two bowling balls, ice cream, two bowling balls….  Don’t think I’ll eat any ice cream.

Have you been to an amusement park yet this summer? –
Talking to my dad isn’t much different sometimes.  My brain was sure spinning when I stepped off the phone ride last night.

Have you been to the beach yet this summer? –
I walked out to check the tomato plants.  Tomato babies are so cute.

Have you been really bored yet this summer? –
Couple of times, but it dispelled quickly.  I’m rarely bored.  Odd to think about, I hadn’t experienced boredness in several years, not sure what the cause was.

Have you called in sick from work yet this summer? –
Oh, this sux.  I get clear down here and they don’t have html to post this with.  Dang it.  Wonder if I can rip it off.

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