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Sunday, September 21, 2014

5 things survey

Originally posted on 6-19-08.

*What I was doing 10 years ago:

Geez, 1998.  Am I supposed to remember 5 things I was doing?  Was that the year I was in nursing school?  I have a lot of memories mashed together about being first on a scene of an accident and my kids still being in school and going to the ER a few times, but it’s hard to be specific about the year because I was blitzed out of my skull on lupus meds.  I think I may have had a dog then, but I can’t be sure if he was still around ~that~ year, knowhutImean?  I would have turned 37 that year.  That still doesn’t really help.  Musta been a rough year.  I’m pretty sure I made some kind of pie, though.

*5 things on my list to do today:

Get another chicken post done.  *check*

Wash my sheets.  *check*

Watch Jack Bauer kill 20 more people.  *in a minute*

Eat a hot dog.  *later*

Make more ice tea.  *whenever* 

*Things I would do if I were a billionaire-

(Um, did someone leave off the ’5′?)

Travel around finding families with terminally ill children and pay off the special equipment and hospital bills that are left over after insurance and whatnot.

Give a whole bunch of it to Imus for his ranch.

Start a scholarship program for CF kids to go to college.

Sponsor organ transplants for people on waiting lists, which means paying for housing, equipment, meds, and in home health care.

Create a breeding program to save rare breeds of chickens.  –I need to play a little bit, right?

*3 of my bad habits

(I thought this was a 5 things survey…)  (I’ll do 5, I have a lot of bad habits.)




Wanting to destroy Scott when I start new meds.  (They say to watch for mood changes…)

Making the most sinfully delicious lemon pie you’ve ever eaten in your life.

*5 Places I’ve lived

Near the Four Corners, just 16 miles from a reservation.

On a large acreage near the Mark Twain National Forest.

On another large cattle farm with a silo and long turkey houses and a big barn and several ponds and fields.

In an apartment in a city, which I actually liked because I was 3 stories up and felt cozy like my own little cave.

And here.  Where is here?  Here is a tourist mecca, and I’m hiding out in the hills.

*5 jobs I’ve had

Bra nazi.  (retail)

Soup nazi.  (food service of all kinds, including head cook and gourmet food bar).

Radio sales.  (ad nazi?)

Hospital- overnight stat and specialized housekeeping.  (I cleaned up after deaths and lots of blood and contamination.)

Hotel desk.  I think I hated that job the most.