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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

summer survey 2012

Originally posted 6-17-12.

1) Do you comb or brush your hair?
I’m lately into Colin Morgan worship. My hair is living a life of its own and isn’t answering my emails.

2) Are you allergic to anything strange?
Gadolinium contrast, among a lengthy list. I’m an allergy bracelet fashionista. Note- limonene is in everything from candles to makeup to insect repellent to cleaners… That is concentrated citrus oils. I really miss lemon pie. Oh, yeah, and polymorphous light eruption. I have allergic reactions to sunlight. I guess I should mention that I’m allergic to Colin Morgan, as well, since he is into peanut butter.

3) What’s your dream vacation?
Nebulae tours in a star cruiser, visiting the upper wealthier crust of Coruscant, stuff like that.

4) Have you discovered anything because of fandom?
I have the most severe social anxiety of anyone I know.

5) What’s your favorite domestic thing to do?
I can reinvent nearly any recipe, thanx to that allergy list up there. I’ve been told I have ruined people on restaurant food, they’d rather eat here.

6) Do you remember the pairing that got you into fandom?

7) What’s the oddest compliment you’ve ever received?
I apparently have perfect eyebrows. Being peered at closely just offset from actual eye contact is a little bit unnerving.

8) What are your favorite non-fandom websites to visit?
My own. I know, I severely lack links. I did that on purpose.

9) What’s your favorite scent/perfume to wear – candle to burn?
Clove, nearly impossible to find.

10) Coffee/tea – black, with milk, sugar?
I blend my own, and it’s awesome, only 1/2 cup a day. Prolly the most expensive habit I have nowadays besides collecting rare chicken breeds. I’m lately into laced wyandottes, and I have a blue egger that looks like a freak cross between a hawk (front) and a pidgeon (body). Yeah, I know, this was a question about coffee, like you care.

11) Are you looking forward to summer?
This is the snakiest, spideriest, tickiest summer we’ve ever had, between already being checked in ER for raging tick fever, running into a wolf spider in my kitchen (1 of 3 so far), and several ginormous 4-6 foot snakes in the back yard. Looking forward to ice storms next winter, usually don’t root for those.