Monday, September 22, 2014


Originally posted on 5-5-11.


1. Three Strengths of Yours
- You know it’s time to order another Strong Bad t-shirt when you notice the free Homestar Runner coaster from your last t-shirt order that you keep on the computer desk is getting moldy.
- Sorry, got distracted.  My current strength is being able to resist carbs while I’m controlling my blood sugar.
- I’ve lost more than 3 bowling balls now from my physique doing this.  Don’t worry, I still have an occasional french vanilla flavored whey protein hot chocolate.

2. Three Weaknesses of Yours
- Blabbing editing mistakes during other people’s fave shows and movies.
- Pointing out personality flaws that people don’t notice in themselves and you know that’s what is the real problem when they whine that life sux.
- My automatic disdain for anything trite.  I could be more forgiving and allow myself to be amused.  I’m not the whimsical type, but I like flamingos in sunglasses for some reason.

3. Three Things on Your To-Do List
- Purchase the second season and ending Dead Like Me movie.  Wasn’t lucky enough to get those from a Blockbuster going out of business, but I’m nearly done with a season one marathon.  It’s weird having video store cases around, I look like a thief or something.
- Update my out of county library card, egads, I almost forgot about that.
- Buy a new pizza pan, mine is shot.

4. Three of Your Favorite Foods
- Guacamole!!!
- BLT with avocado, cream cheese, and onions.
- Garlic.  Lots of it.  On everything.

5. Three Things You Do Daily
- Forget what I was going to look up online.
- Think about the multidimensional possibilities of time.
- Miss coffee.

6. Three Things You Regret
- I’m not into regret.
- You can’t go back and change the past.
- And failing to learn from past mistakes while sitting around regretting is the ultimate stupidity.

7. Three People Who Changed your Life
- My baby girl.  Grown up now.
- Scott’s baby girl.  Also grown up now.
- Jaizzy.  Does a chicken count?  Yes, I’m serious.

8. Three of Your Favorite Movies
- I really dig the Cube movies, they’re so creepily mathy.
- Rocky Horror Picture Show, it’s so silly and fun to catch mistakes in.
- I can’t decide here whether it’s Monsters Inc, Galaxy Quest, or Buckaroo Banzai’s Adventures in the 8th Dimension.  So I’ll say the Terminator movies.  I’m flexible.

9. Three Songs You Could Put On Repeat Forever
- Boom Boom Ba by Metisse, alternating with Don’t Fear the Reaper.  Yeah…
- I’ve actually done Weird Al’s Hardware Store 20 times in a row and spaced out into a surreal faux Pink Floyd’s The Wall experience.  No drugs required.
- Don’t try that with Mika’s Love Today, you can’t pull out of it and you’re messed up for 3 days, especially if you’re watching the video on youtube.  Prolly a good way to have a seizure.  I like the song, though.

10. Three of Your Biggest Fears
- Dying naked.  Not cool.
- Opening my eyes in the middle of the night and seeing a big spider right by my face.
- My mother-in-law outliving me.